Phone numbers of nearly 500 million Facebook users up for sale via Telegram bot

Cell phone quantities of almost 500 million Facebook clients are available to be purchased by means of a Wire bot, as indicated by a report by Motherboard. The information incorporates quantities of around 6 lakh Indian clients, as indicated by security scientist Alon Lady, who initially featured the issue on his Twitter account.

As per Lady, the client who is running the bot is misusing a Facebook weakness that was accounted for in 2020 and fixed too. Be that as it may, the weakness permitted anybody to get to the telephone numbers connected to each Facebook account across all nations. It was misused to make an information base of Facebook client accounts and their cell phone numbers, which is presently being sold by means of the bot.This isn’t the first run through an issue has been accounted for concerning how Facebook makes sure about client information, particularly with respect to cell phone numbers. It was accounted for back in 2019 that cell phone quantities of almost 419 million Facebook clients were found on an unprotected worker, which the organization had conceded was an issue and had later fixed.

It is important that the information given by Wire bot is from 2019. Yet, given that a lot of individuals don’t refresh telephone numbers each year, the data being sold is likely exact. The security scientist has revealed that clients from more than 100 nations are influenced. In India more than 6,162,450 clients are affected by this.

As per Motherboard, on the off chance that somebody has an individual’s telephone number, at that point they can discover their Facebook client ID with the assistance of Message bot. Yet, to get to the data, they will be needed to pay. The individual who made the Wire bot is selling a telephone number or Facebook ID for $20, which is around Rs 1,460 in India. The bot is likewise selling Facebook clients’ information in mass. For 10,000 credits, the bot is charging $5,000 (around Rs 3,65,160), adds the report.Gal noticed this is a genuine security concern. He likewise said the issue was seriously under-revealed when it was first featured and today the data set has gotten significantly more troubling. He told Motherboard, the information can be utilized for “smishing and other deceitful exercises by agitators,” adding that Facebook ought to advise clients of this issue.