Playoffs or play-in? LeBron returns but Lakers won’t know fate until final day

LeBron James might be one game away from the end of the season games. Or on the other hand he might be one game away from the play-in competition, and a potential high-stakes confrontation against Stephen Curry.

In any case, the NBA wins on Sunday – with what’s sure to be an emotional finish to the standard season.The Lakers kept their expectations of getting away from the play-in round alive Saturday by beating Indiana, a game where James played for simply the third time in his group’s last 29 challenges due to a lower leg injury.

On the off chance that the Lakers beat New Orleans on Sunday, and Portland lose to Denver, the reigning champs – still the wagering top choices to win the Western Meeting as per numerous oddsmakers – are going directly to the end of the season games as a best six seed.

In any case, in the event that they lose to the Pelicans, or if Portland wis, James will be in a play-in game against Brilliant State or Memphis on Wednesday a long time after he shared his disappointment about the idea of the play-in competition.

Through Saturday evening, just one top-six season finisher seed had been secured: Philadelphia will be the No 1 seed in the Eastern Meeting end of the season games.

All the other things – each season finisher matchup, essentially – stays open to question.

A breakdown of what’s in question Sunday:

Eastern Meeting

No 1 Philadelphia have secured.

No 2 and No 3 Brooklyn can secure No 2 with a success on Sunday against Cleveland, or with a Milwaukee misfortune on Saturday night against Miami, or a Bucks misfortune on Sunday night against Chicago. Milwaukee need two successes and a Brooklyn misfortune; if everything that doesn’t occur, the Bucks will be the No 3 seed.

No 4, No 5 and No 6 Atlanta would be no more terrible than No 5 on the off chance that they beat Houston on Sunday, and Miami would be no more awful than No 5 in the event that they beat Milwaukee on Saturday night and Detroit on Sunday night. New York could beat Boston in their finale and still completion as low as No 6, contingent upon what the Birds of prey and Warmth do.

No 7 Boston will be the No 7 seed for the play-in.

No 8 Sunday’s Charlotte-Washington champ will be the No 8 seed.

No 9 and No 10 Indiana will be the No 9 seed in the event that they beat Toronto on Sunday and the Charlotte-Washington failure will be the No 10 seed. On the off chance that the Pacers lose, they will be the No 10 seed and the Charlotte-Washington washout will be the No 9 seed.

Wiped out Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, Orlando, Detroit

Western Gathering

No 1 and No 2 Phoenix, back in the postseason without precedent for over 10 years, will be the No 1 seed with a success at San Antonio and an Utah misfortune in Sacramento. On the off chance that the Spikes or Jazz win, the Jazz are the No 1 seed and the Suns will complete in the No 2 opening.

No 3 and No 4 Denver will be the No 3 seed with a success in Portland, or a Los Angeles Trimmers misfortune at Oklahoma City. On the off chance that the Trimmers win and the Pieces lose, the Trimmers will be No 3, the Chunks No 4.

No 5 Portland gets the No 5 seed with a success over Denver and a Dallas misfortune to Minnesota. Except if both of those things occur, Dallas will be the No 5 seed. On the off chance that the Jackets win and the Mavs lose, Dallas will be the No 6 seed.

No 6 and No 7 The lone way the Lakers get to No 6 is in the event that they beat New Orleans and Portland lose to Denver. Something else, the Lakers finish No 7.

No 8 and No 9 The victor of the Memphis at Brilliant State game is the No 8 seed for the play-in, and the failure is the No 9 seed.

No 10 San Antonio are the No 10 seed for the play-in.

Dispensed with New Orleans, Sacramento, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, Houston