‘Shocking’: the London cemetery with listed monuments and a protruding limb

Its wonderful Evaluation II* recorded landmarks were raised in memory of driving individuals from the Greek people group in nineteenth century London, however the graves in West Norwood burial ground are presently in a desperate condition of disregard – with one rotting coffin as of late shot canvassed in a thick layer of pigeon droppings, with an appendage jutting.

Lambeth gathering, which necessarily bought the burial ground over 50 years prior, as of late pulled out security to set aside cash and campaigners are calling for dire activity to shield recorded landmarks from ruin.

Prof Weave Flanagan, a scholarly at London College and administrator of the Companions of West Norwood Burial ground (FoWNC), told the Watchman that this was no real way to treat the dead. “It’s rude and stunning,” he said.

“It’s likewise a wellbeing and security peril for individuals strolling round the burial ground. In certain occurrences, caskets are uncovered and there may be mishaps with individuals falling into rotted vaults.”

The south London burial ground incorporates the Hellenic Necropolis, a portion of whose Evaluation II* landmarks are on Noteworthy Britain’s Legacy In danger Register.

Dr Victoria Solomonidis-Tracker, a Greek-English partner instructor at College School London, said she has been shocked by both the excellence of the landmarks and their “terrible condition of rot”.

She said: “Perhaps the most excellent landmarks is that of the Vagliano Siblings, who – among other significant works – subsidized the Public Library of Greece in the late nineteenth century. The landmark is a duplicate of the Pinnacle of the Breezes [erected in Athens around 100-50BC]. It is in an awful need of reclamation. Pigeon droppings inside are 70cm high.”

In Spring, she was stunned to discover that the landmark had been vandalized, having effectively endured the burglary of its unique entryway, and that the hardboard covering the passage had been broken, leaving the two coffins in full view. “One of them was open, through rot, with an appendage projecting,” she said.Although a stonemason working close by barricaded the landmark, this had been the third defacing in the nook in a couple of days.

Solomonidis-Tracker, a previous social attache in the Greek consulate in London, reacted to the reason by turning into a FoWNC trustee: “Shockingly, if nothing is done, we dread that this flood of defacing will proceed.”

Flanagan said the Vagliano landmark was “an all out wreck”. “Lambeth gathering doesn’t appear to have the way to make a move. They have eliminated the safety officer from ends of the week, without meeting, to set aside cash. That implies landmarks are at more serious danger.”

Work is going to start on the graveyard, following an award of £4.6m from the Public Lottery Legacy Asset, and a further £2.1m from Lambeth committee and FoWNC.

However, campaigners are stunned that notable graves have been ignored for such a long time and that there is worry about how far the assets will extend as fixes to the Evaluation II* recorded St Stephens House of prayer alone are set to cost more than £1m and just three of the Hellenic landmarks are reserved for rebuilding.