Sonos Roam review: the portable speaker you’ll want to use at home too

Sonos’ new more modest and less expensive Meander convenient speaker is one that will not wind up consigned to a cabinet gathering dust as it sounds incredible at home as well.

The £159 Wander joins the a lot greater and heavier £399 Move as the second of company’s battery-controlled models and substantiates itself as perhaps the most ideal choice in an immersed market.The speaker has both wifi and Bluetooth and is three-sided fit as a fiddle, similar to a Toblerone, however just about the length of a 500ml container. It overloads 430g so will not drag a sack and is not difficult to grasp for conveying about the house.

The front is a metal lattice, the back is great tangle plastic and the end covers are elastic to help assimilate impacts in the event that you drop it. The speaker is water safe and can be lowered in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes, so it is sufficiently solid to endure most open air settings. It doesn’t drift however, so don’t drop it in a pool.

It’s a great plan that is both utilitarian and alluring looking like it in the home just as outdoors.Specifications

Measurements: 168 x 62 x 60mm

Gauge: 430g

Network: Wifi 5 (ac), Bluetooth 5, AirPlay 2, Spotify Associate

Battery: 10 hours playback, 10 days reserve

Charging: USB-C (up to 15W; 5V/1.5A or higher), Qi remote

Water obstruction: IP67 (1m profundities for 30 mins)You should set up the Meander on wifi utilizing the Sonos application before you can utilize it as a Bluetooth speaker, yet it just a few minutes. The Sonos application goes about as a regulator for playing music from essentially every music web-based feature accessible through wifi. The speaker can likewise be controlled directly from the Spotify application or utilizing AirPlay 2 on Apple gadgets. To utilize it outside you basically pair it with your telephone through Bluetooth like a customary versatile speaker.

The Wander has a couple of stunts at its disposal in the event that you have other Sonos speakers. It can share music being spilled to it by means of Bluetooth with different speakers on your home wifi organization. However, it can likewise make a moment bunch with your closest Sonos speakers or move music to or from them just by holding the play/stop button on the Wander. It works like sorcery.

The Meander likewise upholds voice colleagues from Google and Amazon’s Alexa, permitting you to trade between them. It has three mics incorporated into it and works actually like one of Google’s Home or Amazon’s Reverberation speakers on wifi, responding to questions, streaming and controlling music. They need a web association with work so don’t chip away at Bluetooth.The Wander satisfies Sonos’ standing for quality sound. Its sound presentation punches far past its weight and size, creating the absolute most clear, crispest and most even sound even at high volumes that I’ve heard from a compact speaker.

It doesn’t have truly pounding bass, and keeping in mind that it is absolutely uproarious enough for individual tuning in or in little gatherings – anything stronger than 30% while on a table before you is truly all that anyone could need – it isn’t up to crushing out the beats for an enormous open air party. In any case, its different mid and tweeter speakers give a genuine liveliness and profundity to music that is frequently ineffectively replicated on contenders of this size. It will deal with anything from high-energy electronica to a string group of four easily.

The Meander additionally has Trueplay, the framework which tunes the speaker naturally, adapting to direction, climate and deterrents. In any case, I think it sounded marginally better when remained on its end than when laid evenly. You can likewise change the high pitch, bass and “tumult” in the Sonos application and make sound system sets with two Meanders while on wifi, yet not Bluetooth.The Wander goes on for around 10 hours of playback on battery on wifi or Bluetooth, which is a digit shy of key Bluetooth speaker rivalry however all that anyone could need for a day’s music in the recreation center or around the house. You can see battery life in the Sonos application on wifi or ask the voice associate, however it is extremely unlikely to see it on Bluetooth other than a squinting Drove when the battery is low.